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Oh, baby, it is SO ON. We are down to about seven weeks (give or take) until I get to get my hands on this baby. I kind of can’t wait. Well, I kind of can, but I’m also getting really excited/impatient for this kid’s arrival.

Please, baby, listen to mommy and don’t be late.

Bump Watch, 2013: Weeks 30-33.

I am also finally starting to physically feel a little crummy. I have been extremely lucky this entire pregnancy – no puking, very little nausea, not much in the way of mood swings or cravings. But now I’m starting to have some pretty craptastic sciatica pain, as well as hip and leg issues at night. Yoga and walking the doggie definitely help a lot, and I have felt pretty good in the mornings, so I can get most of my stuff done in the mornings and putter by evening time. I just want to keep moving so I can be in tip top shape for the marathon of labor!

In happy news, though, I just finished this adorable bear, and I’m rather in love.

20131229. Teddy bear.

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