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The checkout lady at Target told me the other day that I would know I was really nesting/about to give birth when I cleaned the house from top to bottom.

The lady clearly does not know me. Organize, yes. Put things away and set things up, yes. But clean? Ummm…. Not so much.

I think the recent uptick in production of itty bitty knitties also counts as my personal version of nesting. So here are the latest knitted goodies for our little sprout-on-the-way.

Baby bear hat:

20140201. Bear hat.

Teeny tiny hedgehog:

20140201. Hedgehog.

Cozy owlie sleep sack:

20140125. Owl sleep sack.

The fastest knit booties ever:

20140125. Baby booties.

Sophisticated cardigan:

20130121. Baby Sophisticate sweater.

Striped baby cardigan:

20130121. Striped baby cardigan.

And what am I about to do now, this rainy Saturday afternoon? Watch Ken Burns’ Prohibition and knit this sweet mossy jacket. It’s what I do.

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