Resolutions: Choosing to Sweat the Small Stuff

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”
– Flora Whittemore

I’ve been thinking a lot about the small stuff, not in a mountains out of mole hills way but in the context of how little things add up to big changes. Think of all the resolutions we make (i.e. I WILL lose 15 pounds this year, I will STOP drinking alcohol on week days, I WILL go to the gym every day). Maybe it’s not the big-ness of the resolution that ultimately makes it impossible but the ultimatum, the absoluteness (I will, I won’t). Or maybe it’s the fact that what we would really love the most is for those resolutions to happen immediately: we put them out into the ether, and *POOF* we are fitter, happier, more productive, etc. (see Radiohead, “Fitter Happier”).

Life doesn’t work that way, though. Truly, life is busy and hectic, and trying to make a huge, sudden change of course is not practical (unless you’ve nearly been eaten by a shark or swam yourself out of an avalanche or had some other near-death experience). You hit the snooze, drag yourself to the gym, shower, make yourself presentable for the world at large, work work work, do the household chores or (in my case) run around town looking for woodworking tools for your dad or whatever other random errand you’ve got planned, and by the time you get home, it’s all you can do to avoid the siren call of the pizza menu pasted to the fridge, make a fresh dinner, and force yourself to just STOP at the end of the day.

So I guess I’ve chosen my resolution for 2012: to sweat the small stuff. It’s the little things or nothing at all. It’s an attempt to slowly shift the norm. Incorporate little thing after little thing into how you actually live, and you wake up one/five/ten years later living a different life.

What’s my first little thing? It’s totally not glamorous. Ready? I am going to… TURN THE SHOWER WATER OFF WHILE NOT ACTIVELY RINSING MY GRUBBY LITTLE SELF. Revolutionary, I know. To reiterate, though: it’s all about the little things.

Besides, I like places like this (Bow Lake in Alberta, Canada):

tilt shift, bow lake, canada.

And this (my brother and nephew at Mt. Adams in Washington):
100904. pointing emphatically at the mountain.

And, yes, this (Chris and me floating on Lake Monroe, Indiana, on a perfect lake day):

lake monroe boat trip. chris and i know how to roll on the lake.In summation, this year it’s all about sweating the small stuff.

Footnote: Also? Chris, in his infinite wisdom of all things Coast Guard-y, has just informed me that turning the water off to lather is referred to as a “sea shower.” Sometimes I like to pretend that the Coast Guard is just a cover story and he was actually a pirate.

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