Year of the Chicken

In the inaugural post of the Space-Farm Continuum, we established that worms were the gateway animal. After maintaining a vermicomposting habit for a while you realize that it no longer provides the fix that it once did. You start to think about experimenting with more hardcore animal husbandry.

When we learned of a neighborhood tour of chicken coops organized by Nap Town Chickens, we signed up immediately…as did 600 other people. It turns out that everyone is doing it. Apparently, you’re not cool unless you keep chickens – or pee your pants. It’s hard to keep up with these trends.

It was decided not long after the tour de coops that we needed our own chickens. Several months and several books later, paint dries on a chicken coop in the garage and four baby chickens are on pre-order from a magical chicken dealer in the cloud – My Pet Chicken.

Chicken coop in the back of a pickup

Picking up the chicken coop: We realized after loading the coop in the truck that our winch straps were too short...hence the extension cord. As we pulled into the store down the street to buy longer straps, we had to be careful not to hit a chicken that was roaming the parking lot.

The baby chickens will arrive mid-March, and they’re certain to be the homesteading highlight of 2012 – the Year of the Chicken.

Cute baby chicken

Four baby chickens will join the homestead the week of March 19th: 1 buff orpington, 2 australorps, and 1 ameracauna.

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