Hoop Dreams: Pipe Dream No More

Faced with beautiful spring weather last weekend and a brief reprieve from the flu-from-hell, I managed to make my hoop dreams a reality. Meet the new hoop house!

20120218. Hoop dreams.

Nap Town Chickens shirt, hoop house, and new raised beds.

I also:

  • Attended a chicken-rearing workshop, led by Nap Town Chickens and the Fall Creek Gardens people, at which I won a super fantastic t-shirt of my very own and learned such sage wisdom as, “Look… they may change your life, but, ultimately, they’re just chickens.” A coop in every yard, a fresh egg on every plate – oh, indeed!
  • Dug up some sod and extended two garden beds.
  • Tore out the rest of the rocks in the front yard beds (ugly) and upcycled them into two new raised beds in the backyard (magic!). I got all rock-tetris on their rocky behinds, and now they just need a good layer of soil and compost (and plants, of course).
  • Bought some more seeds for the garden – including Black Krim heirloom tomatoes from the Black Sea region.

What’s the plan this weekend, you ask? As per usual, the answer is likely, “Too much.” A trip to Black Acre Brewing may be in order, though. I mean, for real: just look at their beer list. Imperial Pumpkin Ale? Saucy Intruder IPA? I’m sold, and I haven’t even tasted it yet.

2 thoughts on “Hoop Dreams: Pipe Dream No More

  1. FABULOUS!!!! If I get a garden again one day, I would love to attend a seed swap. I like how you guys extended the beds! I’m sure this will lead to more wonderful fresh recipes and canned delights.

    • I am really hoping to actually save some seeds this year! I’m going to start with the easy ones – the tomatoes – and go from there. 🙂 I can’t WAIT for you to have a house and a garden of your own. All my pink parts are crossed for you!

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