My Garden Will Grow So High

“Island Garden Song,” Mountain Goats.

I am not the most patient when it comes to springtime and gardens and tilling the soil. So I consider it no small feat to have made it until today to begin planting seeds.

But, oh, seed planting has officially begun!

20120303. Garden planning is underway.

Beets and lettuce and technicolor carrots, oh my!

This is mostly for our own record, but in case anyone is interested in one house’s impatient spring planting schedule, here you have it:

  • 3/3: Start indoors the first round of “earlies” to be transplanted to the hoop house (Oregon snap peas, Cascadia snap peas, spinach, lettuce-gourmet blend, lettuce-black seeded simpson)
  • 3/8: Start indoors the second round of “earlies” to be transplanted to the hoop house
  • 3/17: Start indoors the third round of “earlies” to be transplanted to the hoop house; transplant first batch of hoop house plants outside, and plant beet and carrots directly into hoop house soil. Start indoors ALL other seeds.

The part I’m most excited about is the “START ALL OTHER SEEDS” bit on 3/17. That’s also the weekend before the chicks arrive – I am pee-my-pants excited about that part, too.

20120303. Garden planning is underway.

Seed planting central has taken over the office!

3 thoughts on “My Garden Will Grow So High

  1. So exciting!! I’m starting onions this week, but other things have to wait a bit longer (no real hoop house here yet). Your plan sounds great, and it looks like March will be a fabulous month 🙂

    • Nice! Where are you all located? I think I saw Colorado. Really, I am probably starting things a TAD too early here in Central Indiana, but since they’re starting indoors, I can’t imagine I will lose too many plants. I just really want to get out there and get my hands in the dirt!

      March is going to be stellar. Looking forward immensely to this year of new backyard life!

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