The Impatient Garden

In honor of patience, I first give you this beautiful throwback: Fugazi, “Waiting Room.”

I, however, am decidedly not a patient (girl) who waits and waits and waits. Want to know what went into the hoop house today? The first round of peas, lettuces, and spinach, that’s what – about 31 plants in total, but who’s counting?

Last night, I also planted all of the rest of the seedlings for starting indoors, including three varieties of tomatoes, three varieties of peppers, beans, and more peas, lettuce, and spinach. I’ll also get the beets and carrots seeded this weekend, I hope, directly into the hoop house bed.

In other words, garden 2.0 is officially ON.

2 thoughts on “The Impatient Garden

    • You know, I’ve heard Swiss chard grows REALLY well in southern Indiana from a few gardeners. As of yet, I haven’t bought seeds, though. I kind of forgot about it, to be honest. Oopsy.

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