Dear Spring… Bring It!

Let me start by saying that this weather is just freaky. The spinach I planted seems to be languishing in the heat, and the lettuce are just barely hanging on. The peas are growing like weeds, at least, and I plan to plant some more seedlings soon.
20120318. Peas, spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes.The main topic at hand, however, is the mighty chicken. Our first set of chicks ever are arriving this week, and Chris and I have both found ourselves hoping that the hatchery will throw an extra little girl in the package, just for kicks. Hey, it could happen. Not that we NEED five chickens… but we have apparently caught the chicken bug (the one where more chickens seems like a truly fantastic idea to the extent that I’m wondering why we didn’t just order five to begin with).

Oh, right… because we really wanted to start small with three chickens. Right…

In honor of spring, my love of childhood traditions, and chickens, we dyed eggs this morning.

20120318. EGGIES.Nearly before the dye was dry, those lovely eggs became the most amazing curried egg salad in the world, courtesy of 101 Cookbooks. Is it officially a “tradition” if we’ve made the same psychedelic-colored curried egg salad from our dyed eggs two years in a row? I think so.

We’ve also been prepping the brooder this weekend. The warm weather should help us a lot in keeping the little gals’ temperatures regulated these first few weeks. We had a ton of giant cardboard boxes lying around, so Chris built an expandable brooder modeled after this one. As the chicks get bigger, we’ll be able to add panels to make the brooder bigger, and we can easily replace the bottom cardboard each week as it gets gnarly. Brilliant! I also couldn’t resist building two mini-roosts from some of the branches I cut out of our overgrown backyard bush on Friday to keep the babies busy and give them some jumping/balancing/roosting practice.

20120318. Chick roosts and brooder.In other news, I keep having horrific chicken stress dreams. Get here already, babies! Think healthy hatch thoughts for us.

2 thoughts on “Dear Spring… Bring It!

    • I appreciate it, Nikki! I can’t wait to get the phone call from the post office. Will post lots of pictures, for sure (and likely be generally chicken-obsessed for the next little while).

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