The Chickens Have Landed!

This morning at 6:09 am, we got the call we have been anticipating since we first placed our order with My Pet Chickens back in January. Mike the post man informed us that our chickens were ready to be picked up from the Bacon post office, just down the street from our house (it really is called Bacon – yum). In my half-asleep stupor and general excitedness, I accidentally hung up on him. Luckily, he called back to let me know they could be retrieved after 8:30 am.

Perfect! Not only did that give us time to fire up the heat lamp, set up the feeder and fount, and drink a little coffee, but we could also both be there to pick them up from the post office. Way to go, USPS.

20120321. The package arrived at 5:40 am, and we got the call at 6:09 am. Way to go, USPS!

The box was definitely peeping loudly, and the customers in line were quite bemused as we picked up the babies.

How four chickens get shipped around the country:

20120321. The package was quite noisy when we got it from the post office.

Psychedelic chicken poop!

So as new chicken parents, here is the day one mental chicken checklist: Are they…

  • Being super adorable as they chug water? Check.
  • Tripping all over each other in order to walk in (and eat) their food? You bet.
  • Pooping everywhere? Oh, yes. Everywhere.
  • Peeping incessantly in a content manner? Trillin’ like villains, yo.
  • Possessing butts that are free and clear of any sealed on poop? Free and clear!
  • Huddling together for warmth or, conversely, trying to escape the blazing ball of light above the brooder? So far, I’ve had to raise the heat lamp by about a foot and a half. It’s just too dang warm out there for March.
  • Sleeping? Not yet. But supposedly they do sleep sometimes.

The chicks check out their new home for the next five weeks; we check out them.
20120321. THE BABIES!Introducing the four newest residents of the Space-Farm Continuum: Henrietta, the Buff Orpington.
20120321. Henrietta the Buff Orpington, front and center.

20120321. Chris and Henrietta the Buff Orpington. Look at that face!Beaker, the Easter Egger, who already likes walking in her food and water.
20120321. Don't sh*t where you eat, my friend. Beaker the Easter Egger standing in her food.

Christie with BeakerYolko, Australorp #1.
YolkoAnd Ono, Australorp #2.
20120321. Ono, australorp #2.Yolko and Ono.
20120321. The australorps - Yolko and Ono.I think I’m in love.


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