Introductions: Henrietta, the Temporarily Tiny

Things you should probably know about Henrietta, the Buff Orpington:

1. When falling asleep, she wobbles drunkenly on her little stick legs until, finally, she collapses like a fallen souffle into a zonked out ball of fluff.

20120324. Henrietta falling asleep standing up.

Wobble, baby.

2. She can fall asleep anytime, anywhere.

20120324. Henrietta trying to fall asleep, as per usual.

"Oh, you guys are hungry? Cool. I'm just going to take a little nap."

3. She often looks a little lost in the crowd.

20120324. Henrietta getting swept up by the crowd.

4. She likes to cuddle up with her fellow brood mates.

20120322. Passed out.

5. But she also seems to be the odd chick out sometimes.

20120322. Odd chick out.

6. She follows everyone else’s lead.

20120324. Henrietta creeping on Ono.

Henrietta creepin' on Ono.

7. Most of all, she is a tiny, calm, slightly strange little girl. She seems more delicate somehow than the rest, although she should eventually be the biggest of them all.

20120321. Henrietta.

Here’s to you, Henrietta!

4 thoughts on “Introductions: Henrietta, the Temporarily Tiny

    • Isn’t she, though? She is such a strange little love. We introduced CELERY LEAVES tonight to the brooder, and she was the first to give them a good peck. Brave babe.

  1. Love this post! We have all barred rocks so it’s hard to name them, but next time we need to mix it up and get some personality like your guys. We had a buff orpington a couple years ago and she was the biggest of all the other chickens, a bit of a bully, really, but Henrietta looks destined for gentleness.

    • I hope she is! I can’t believe how tiny she still is – her wings are filling in nicely already, but her body is so darn compact. I hope she’s a gentle giant since she probably will outweigh the others by a lot eventually.

      I’m about to do a second introductory post! I think Beaker needs her day in the spotlight.

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