Introductions: Beaker, the Brave (and the Fave)

In our second installment of the official introductions of each of the four winged ladies living in our garage, here are some items of great importance about Beaker, the Easter Egger:

1. Beaker is the heart breaker of the bunch – from day one, she didn’t mind hanging out in people’s cupped palms (taking the opportunity to bat her beady little eyes at you… lovingly, I’m sure).

20120321. Me with Beaker.

Our very first day with Beaker.

2. Although Beaker should eventually be the smallest of the bunch, so far she is noticeably bigger.

20120322. More sleep and Henrietta and Yolko's grown-up feathers starting to come in.

3. She’s also the bravest and most inquisitive, which is quite endearing. She’s always the first to jump on top of a feeder…

20120321. Don't sh*t where you eat, my friend. Beaker the Easter Egger standing in her food.

Or a new roost…

20120325. New flooring in the brooder = exciting Sunday for the chicks.

Or an outstretched hand.

20120322. Beaker.

4. With her charcoal-lined eyes and puffy cheeks, she’s not too tough on the eyes, either.

20120324. Beaker with big girl feathers coming in.

5. She’s got super fancy big girl wings coming in, which she is not afraid of showing off.

20120328. They like my hand, as long as it has food in it.

6. She’s a bit of a camera whore, to be honest.

20120328. Beaker, the camera whore.

Really, she was just trying to peck at miniscule fuzzies on my sweater.

7. And she often appears to be the calm in the eye of the storm.

20120328. Big day - cleaning out the brooder.

(The storm being the rest of those crazy birds, of course).

In summation, Beaker, you’re pretty much my fave – but don’t tell the others!

4 thoughts on “Introductions: Beaker, the Brave (and the Fave)

  1. Beaker is my fave and I haven’t even met her. The name alone sealed the deal for me! Who is the crazy one trying to sit on the side of the container? haha

    • Ha! That’s Beaker, too! She’s such a doll. She made herself very comfortable in my hand a couple of times today – almost fell right asleep. LOVE!

      • Oh, that makes more sense! They were FREAKING OUT in the Rubbermaid. A whole new world… a new fantastic point of view.

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