Weekly Roundup, Staycation Edition

Chris and I took Thursday and Friday off work this week, and it has been lovely. We didn’t really DO anything in the vacation sense of the word, but we got a lot of stuff done around the house, a lot of quality friend and chicken time in, a lot of Battlestar Galactica watching accomplished, and much relaxation done. The chickens are getting very used to people and have loved (or at least tolerated) all of our visitors last weekend and this weekend.

In honor of brain-on-vacation mode, let’s just look at some pretty pictures, shall we?

While getting my staycation workout in (i.e. mowing the lawn with my favorite yard care instrument) on Thursday, I found this and thought it was a candy egg at first, it was so bright.
20120329. I thought this egg was a chocolate one first it was so bright.

The coop, waiting for its inhabitants. We opened up the nesting box yesterday and found that a small animal had, indeed, begun building a nest in the coop! Oopsy. I guess we do need a door on the front of the coop. Stat.
20120329. Coop and yard.

Inside the coop – just add chickens.
20120329. Inside the coop.

Neon lettuce.
20120329. Lettuce.

Peas and an accidentally growing trellis.
20120329. Peas and living trellis.

And, of course, the chicks. Look at their wings! And their butt feathers are starting to come in, too, like little dandelion seeds.

20120401. Beaker checking out the camera.

So far, Beaker's feathers are the prettiest. She also catches the most air. Go, Beaker, go!

20120401. Ono, faceplant-sleeping.

The faceplant is Ono's preferred method of sleeping.

The girls will be two weeks old tomorrow. Beaker is not camera shy:
20120401. Beaker is very interested in cameras.

Henrietta has the tiniest hint of a comb coming in:
20120401. Henrietta's comb is starting to comb in.

Yolko is turning into quite the little lap chicken:
20120401. Yolko.

And Ono, the wild and crazy one, can at least be reliably bribed with food:
20120401. Ono's pretty new wings.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup, Staycation Edition

  1. Love the photos. I remember when our “girls” were that little. Now they are so big. I blogged about this the other day as I miss hearing the chirp in their box under the heat lamp. It’s always nice to see new little ones.

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