Introductions: Yolko, the (Sometimes Begrudging) Lap Chicken

It’s high time we introduced the third of our four new chicks, Yolko, one of two black Australorps. Here are some things we definitely need to document about our young Yolko.

1. Riding home from the post office on that first day, I gingerly held a box of very loudly, insistently peeping chicks in my lap. It later turned out that the two making all that racket were Yolko and Ono, the black Australorps, who at first were quite the skittish ones.

20120321. "If I can't see them, they can't see me."

2. Yolko, though, has turned into a lovely little lap chick and is now neck-in-neck with Beaker for the position of Space-Farm’s Favorite Chick (TM).

20120406. Yolko, about 2.5 weeks old.

3. She’s pretty adorable – and slightly regal – when falling asleep.

20120401. Yolko.

20120401. Yolko.

4. She has beautiful white-tipped wings coming in and white patches all over her face and chest, even though black Australorps should end up being a glossy, iridescent black.

20120321. Yolko.

5. Beaker and Yolko have flying and perching contests. Establishing the pecking order already, ladies?

20120406. Yolko and Beaker. Not spoiled at all.

6. She doesn’t mind making eyes at the camera, either, and is also fighting Beaker in the race for Most Photogenic Bird of Space-Farm (TM).

Portrait of Yolko

7. She’s gone from snuggly with her chicken friends to snuggly with the human crowd, which I totally love. In fact, be right back – I need snuggles with my Yolko.

20120322. Today, they slept all day long...

So Yolko, you sweet thing, we just can’t wait for the next time we get to feed you worms and take you for elevator rides on our hands. Just keep being your sweet lap chicken self, and we’ll all be happy.


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