Tour de Coop – Space-Farm

We have not shared many pictures of the coop yet, so here goes. And because it’s a lazy Sunday morning, I’ll keep the words to a minimum.

Basic info:

  • We purchased the coop from Mark Mann of Mann Made Products ( This same model is being used for the Project Poultry initiative of Nap Town Chickens.
  • The coop will house four chickens.
  • The attached run allows for easier chicken keeping. We plan to let the chickens roam the yard as often as possible, but they’d also be fine in the run.
  • The bottom of the run is fenced to thwart digging predators.
  • The wheels allow the coop to be moved around the yard, hopefully sparing total turf annihilation. I can move it myself, but not easily. Two people recommended.
Chicken Coop

The coop has an attached run for the chickens and wheels for mobility. The coop is fairly heavy, so moving it is not trivial…even with the wheels.

Chicken Coop

Here you can see the chicken’s access door to the run.

Chicken Coop

I added a window to the side opposite the human door.

Chicken Coop

This side contains the nest boxes. The roof is hinged and lifts for easy egg collection.

Chicken Coop

Close up of the coop window.

Chicken Coop

Two roosting bars inside the coop.

Chicken Coop

Chicken cam

Chicken Coop

The hopefully raccoon-proof coop latch.

Chicken Coop

Another view of the latch.

The chicks will be three weeks old tomorrow, which means they should be moving into their new digs in another two to three weeks. We’re in the home stretch!

11 thoughts on “Tour de Coop – Space-Farm

    • Thank you! It should be pointed out that we actually bought the coop from a fellow who makes them locally – but Chris added a lot of bells and whistles. We hope it’s cozy and wonderful for the girls in a few weeks!

    • It’s interesting trying to move it. That coop is HEAVY! I can manage to turn it in a circle, but it requires both of us to get it much farther than that.

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    • Lately we’ve noticed some issues with photos linked from Flickr, so Flickr could be to blame. There are a couple of posts that I need to fix because the images broke.

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