An Outdoor Adventure

The chicks had their first trip outside today, and, dare I say, they loved it. Okay, there was some panting and flailing about and general chicken sensory overload going on, and I did get pooped on (for the first time!). But after some minor freaking out and refusing to actually step into the grass in their outdoor run, the chicks got right to business plucking at the grass, strawberry flowers, and other weeds that have taken over our backyard.

Tomorrow, the girls will be five weeks old. I thought it was time to do a bit of a comparison since they’ve changed so much since they arrived.

Henrietta at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

Yolko at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

Ono at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

Beaker at 2 days old and 5 weeks old.

9 thoughts on “An Outdoor Adventure

    • I know!!! Before they even arrived, I was saying, “We really should have ordered five… or six.” We’re already talking about a second, larger coop, and we haven’t even moved these ones outside yet!

    • It’s amazing how much they change from day to day! I still think our girls are pretty, though – a lot of people warned us that they would go through the awkward tween years in week four or five, but, really, they aren’t nearly as hideous as I was with a bad perm and braces.

      • LOL I think the boys get uglier because they feather more slowly, but it’s worth waiting because they look fantastic when they are grown up.

    • Funny you mention boys – I’m a little nervous that Beaker, the Easter Egger, is a boy! She probably isn’t… but the pull of the “what if” is terrible.

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