Maaagic, Internet-Style (aka Links of Awesomeness and Magnitude)

The Space-Farm Continuum’s first ever link roundup! Huzzah and hooray.

  • As soon as the chicks were moved out to the coop in the backyard, we started talking goats. While your standard milk goats or angora goats are fantastic for their own reasons, I have decided I would like for all of my goats to be of the Punk Rock Goat breed. Do you think it’s more nature or nurture to have a goat that’s this special?

Photo courtesy of Katie Notopoulos of Buzzfeed. I love that the band here is a Malaysian Grindcore band called Wormrot. Hey, we like worm rot here, too!

  • Here at Space-Farm, you may have guessed that we appreciate both nature/farms and all things space-related. We like science and physics and Star Trek and Battlestar Gallactica, we visit planetariums when on vacation, we are planning a trip to Puerto Rico to see the telescope array there, and our first date ever was watching the Perseid meteor shower over a field in Martinsville, Indiana – kind of the perfect fusion of space/farm, when you think about it. So it should be no surprise that news on April 19 of Camilla the rubber chicken’s trip through a solar radiation storm was of particular interest. The photo is also fantastically awesome:

Photo courtesy of NASA, Earth to Sky-Bishop CA. Seriously, is this not the best photo ever taken?

  • Lately, we have been considering the potential for chronicling the wide variety of chicken owners via photo. We’ve got hip chicken owners, old school chicken owners, new and old, children and babies, and… then we have the guerrilla chicken keepers of Toronto.

Photo courtesy of Toronto Life, photographer Kevin Hewitt.

  • In sweet news, I was telling a friend about how the chicks chased after me the first night we let them outside of the coop run and into the yard when it was time for me to call them back to the coop. I have fully embraced the mama hen attitude, and we began discussing birds imprinting on other creatures, etc. She also reminded me of this book during our discussion, which was definitely in my favorite book rotation when I was a child. She made my day: “Are You My Mother?” by PD Eastman.

Photo courtesy of


2 thoughts on “Maaagic, Internet-Style (aka Links of Awesomeness and Magnitude)

  1. I want a goat so badly! I don’t think our city bylaws will allow it. (Technically, our chickens are illegal, too – maybe I should be hiding my face like those Torontonians)

    • Yeah, I think in Indianapolis, you can have “pet” goats (whatever that means), but not “livestock.” It kind of begs the question of whether your pet goats could also be milk and fiber producers and still fit into the “pet” category! Silly city laws.

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