One Year Ago Today…

One year ago today, Chris got the keys to his very first house. We celebrated with strawberries and moscato. And we took pictures. It took me another month or so before I moved in almost full-time, then until my lease ran out in Bloomington, IN, on August 1 to move in full-time – which is just weird for me to think about. I *remember* not living together with all our projects and plans and more projects, but… I guess it just seemed like a really natural progression. There was no internal dialogue of “this is going too fast” or “JESUS H, I can’t stand this apart-ness another day.” It was what it was, it is what it is. And, today, what it is is very, very fantastic.

20120513. One year in the house!

The house today – now with native perennials and native trees.

Let’s do a little nostalgic tour of sorts, shall we? This is what has evolved into the reading room. This room is an internet/computer-free zone.
20120513. A year ago today...

The kitchen: looking slightly more lived in.

20120513. A year ago today...

The reason Chris isn’t in any of the shots from today? He is currently devising a system to suspend our giant new ladder from the ceiling of the garage. The projects really don’t ever end (in a good way).

20120513. A year ago today...
To the right of the fireplace now is a 3D shadow box ship from my grandparents and a very 70s oil painting of a city from my childhood home.
20120513. A year ago today...

Where the internet happens. Oh, and I am really proud of my paint chip garlands for our finally-housewarming party!

Someday, this wall will be one, giant, modern, hip, awesome, open closet just for me (and Chris… I guess).
20120513. A year ago today...

The grand finale: while we have made a TON of changes to the inside of the house in the last year, the backyard is where you really can’t help but go, “Holy crap! The place has really come a long way.” We were breaking sod the day after Chris got the keys for the garden beds, and we haven’t really stopped since.
20120513. A year ago today...

20120513. A year ago today...

Having such a blank slate has been mostly a blessing, but a little bit a curse, as well. The only limit is our own imagination – a tad daunting, really.

20120513. A year ago today...

I love Chris surveying the scene in the top photo.

Little SoBro homestead, cheers to you! Tonight, we celebrate one very happy year here, and we can’t wait to see what the next brings.
20120513. A year ago today...


2 thoughts on “One Year Ago Today…

    • Thanks, Nikki! It’s so much fun to look at those pictures side by side. I still need to get the happy home owner himself in a shot or two, as well.

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