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This weekend, we are having our much-belated housewarming party. Yes, we got the keys to the place on Friday, May 13, 2011. So what? We were so busy getting settled and embarking on epic projects all summer long last year that a party just didn’t seem feasible.

Now, however, a party is SO feasible! Not only that, it also seems like the most fun idea. Both of our sets of parents are coming, as well as my aunt and uncle and one of my cousins. On top of family, we’ll have new neighbors, old friends, work friends, friends from out of town, friends from across town, and even our fantastic realtor who snarked his way through house after house with us a little over a year ago. I keep mentally coupling up our wide variety of friends and relatives, thinking who will love who the most, who will hit it right off, and how many objects of Mallory’s clothing will feature leopard print (I’m hoping for THREE).

In true me-form, I’ve decided that it’s not enough to just feed people and laugh a lot and get them drunk. Things have got to be just a tad crafty. Here’s a housewarming party preview:

20120620. Belated housewarming party decor.

Signs inspired by my hair salon and paint chip garlands.

20120620. Belated housewarming party decor.

Home sweet home and leftover paint chips from our bedroom paint job.

20120620. Belated housewarming party decor.

Ball jar lanterns.

20120620. Boombox helps Chris.

The awesome thing about housewarmings? We are finally getting some long overdue projects done – like hanging the amazing poster of Indianapolis neighborhoods I got for Christmas. Boombox is the best little helper.

20120620. It only took us 6 months to hang this awesome poster.

Indianapolis neighborhoods poster, bird mobile from Chris’ parents, our amazing Darth Vader fireplace, a 3D ship from my grandparents, and an oil painting from my parents. Lovely.

20120620. Belated housewarming party signs.

Signs of great value and importance.

20120620. Belated housewarming party signs.

I’ve also brewed up some rosemary-lavender vodka and fennel simple syrup, as well as lavender simple syrup (if it makes it until the party – it is too delicious!). I’m going to empower people to make awesome fizzy cocktails for themselves.

20120620. Belated housewarming party decor.

The garden needed a little sass, too, in the form of pompoms…

20120620. Belated housewarming party decor.

…and beer bottle vases. These will probably hold fennel and maybe a cut flower or two.

I also put together a music mix, including such varied artists as Air, NWA, Cursive, Damien Rice, Elliott Smith, Jay-Z, Jawbreaker, Mates of State, the Mountain Goats, and this song (of course).

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