Oh, the Irony

There are several ironies present in having a blog documenting your adventures in living a little more land to table, a little closer to home, just a bit more sustainably.

First, of course, is the infrastructure and energy required to blog. None of that – the computer, the electricity, the wireless internet – is really what one could call LOCAL. But the part that’s hitting me right now is the fact that I’m so busy being outside, tending the garden, pinching back the suckers on the tomatoes, and pickling the cucumbers that I just don’t feel like spending that much time in front of a computer at the end of the day, even if it is to write about the aforementioned good stuff. In the winter when I have all the time in the world, there’s not as much to write about. CONUNDRUM, but a good conundrum, I suppose.

So instead of any sort of substantial deep thoughts, I will throw a bunch of photos up against this here wall and see if any of them stick.

20120624. Squash, pickling cucumbers, bouquet, and fans.

The first decent squash and pickling cucumber bounty of the summer.

Our housewarming party was fantastic, and I was finally able to give my dad his Dad’s Day cross-stitch. Dad was a champ and manned the grill until there was no more meat to be grilled – all while wearing the best apron in the world (which maybe I’ll show to the world… one day).

2012023. Dad's day cross stitch.

2012023. Housewarming pre-party.

The crew, pre-party and minus Chris’ dad.

By Sunday afternoon, we were all pretty tuckered out, including Senor Boombox.

20120624. Boombox gets cozy.

20120624. Post-housewarming, hot sun, late afternoon garden.

Post-party scene from the chicken zone. So very tired by Sunday. So. Very.

I’m pretty convinced, though, that we have the best friends and family in the world. I’m hoping we get a slew of photos from Chris’ dad to share soon. For now, it’s definitely time for relaxation – and to get away from this damn screen.

20120623. Floweries from Mallory

Floweries from Mallory.


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