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Bless you, clouds, for the rain. Keep it coming!

20120727. RAIN CLOUDS.

The chickens are very happy (minus Beaker – you know that last entry where I said I was afraid I’d jinx the girls by posting about them? THE VERY NEXT MORNING, Beaker finally caught what has been going around. She is sequestered in the office with me and still not looking too hot, although she did spend a great portion of today walking in her blueberries and scratching at the pine shavings in her cage. I tried to teach her how to file, but she just pooped on my papers instead).

20120727. Little Red and Boo creepin' yet again.

20120727. Little Red likes being underfoot.

Little Red prefers to be underfoot.

20120727. Dino Puppy and Boo creepin'.

20120727. Boo.

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