Canning Report, the Last of July 2012 (aka the Month that Would Never Die)

Not gonna lie: this has been kind of a rough month.* However, with the turning of the calendar page in just two more sleeps, I’m feeling cautiously optimistic that maybe, possibly things will get better in August. With tentative joy, then, I give you… THE FINAL CANNING REPORT FOR JULY, which features a lot of delicious repeats.


    • Pickled Beets (3 jars): The first batch of pickled beets were so delicious, I planted a ton more AND made a trip to the farmers’ market for two big bunches of them. We cooked up the greens over a couple of different nights, then pickled three jars of beets. Totally worth the $6 I paid to the local farmer.

20120715. BEETS.

20120729. Rosemary jelly, honeyed hot peppers, and thunder dome.

Left to right: Thunder Dome, rosemary jelly, and honeyed hot peppers.

Also canned this month:

  • Cinnamon Blueberry Jam (9 4-oz. jelly jars)
  • Garden Herb Blueberry Jam (2 jars)
  • Rosemary Jelly (3 half-pint jars)
  • Hot-Cumin Pickled Summer Squash (4 jars)
  • Turmeric Refrigerator Pickles (4 jars)


  • Bread and Butter Pickles (4 jars)
  • Honeyed Green Hot Peppers (2 jars)
  • Pickled Beets (2 jars)
  • Classic Pickle Spears (3 jars)

*I should add that there have also been awesome things going on this month, so it’s not all bad. We’re happy, we’re alive… we’re just a little worn down at the moment. Nothing to see here!

9 thoughts on “Canning Report, the Last of July 2012 (aka the Month that Would Never Die)

  1. Yeah for canning! I know you haven’t enjoyed July’s lack of water (who has?). Love the stuff that you have gotten canned. Never would have imagined some of the combos. Sidenote: my elderly and fabulous neighbor, Mary gave me some tomatoes from her yard. I can’t wait till I have garden awesomeness to give people too and then can! HOLLA for garden dreams!

    • It is so much fun! The saddest thing this summer has been not having crazy amounts of things to put away this year. I’ve made do by finding other sources for my canning (and processing as much as I can from our yard, of course).

  2. What’s the herb in the garden herb blueberry jam please? I put fennel in a plum jam, and it was a great success, but I wasn’t sure what would work with blueberries. Would love to know what you used.

    • I added rosemary and oregano, actually! I think I could have just stuck with rosemary, but I decided to just keep throwing in other stuff I had dried from the garden. 🙂 It’s good – the rosemary lends a freshness to it, I think.

      Oh, and fennel and plum sounds DIVINE!

      • Plum fennel is pretty yummy. I used the little flower heads from the fennel because I want to encourage the plants to grow nice fat fennel bulbs rather than go to seed.Will try herbs with blueberry jam next time.

    • Fear not: I made some DISGUSTING pickled okra last summer! Try, try again. While most things turn out fairly well, there are always those disasters. 🙂

  3. Just bought my first canning set this weekend. Don’t know what I’m going to can, but I think I’m going to start stocking up on veggies as they go on sale at Bfoods. Looks like you are an expert! I’ll be happy to get anything put away for the winter.

    • NICE, Tracey! I love canning – it’s really great for garden extra, obviously, or things that aren’t quite pretty enough to eat, but it’s also really great for those times you come across a great deal at the grocery store or farmers’ market on produce.

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