Oregon or Bust!

Chris built a covered wagon for our chickens last night! Okay, okay, it’s actually extra shelter from airborne predators. But! It’s on WHEELS! And it’s the size of our raised beds so, if we just add sides, we can plunk them down on top of the beds and have the chickens process our beds this fall!

I keep having flashbacks to playing Oregon Trail in the library in junior high, back when our computers were black screens with orange block text and I had a really pitiful perm, braces, and giant glasses. Remember those computer screens? Our chickens now have a wagon! They must stock up supplies so they can forge the mighty Mississippi with their team of oxen! Then they have to avoid cholera and typhoid fever!

No? Just me? Okay, anyway…

20120805. Chris built a covered wagon for the chickens. Go, Oregon Trail.

Chris built the base, I sewed the canvas. TEAMWORK.

20120805. Chris built a covered wagon for the chickens. Go, Oregon Trail.

The girls are easily bribed with mealworms.

20120805. Chris built a covered wagon for the chickens. Go, Oregon Trail.

Me. In the covered wagon. Counting out my supplies to see if we have enough to make it to the next trading post.

20120805. Chris built a covered wagon for the chickens. Go, Oregon Trail.

Once we took the tent down (thank goodness we did as we got a huge storm that very night), there was very little cover from the skies. We’re getting apple trees in the fall… but they will be baby apple trees. Some sort of additional cover was pretty necessary.

Maybe we’ll run into Lewis and Clark on our voyage.

9 thoughts on “Oregon or Bust!

  1. Love love love this post! Awesome to see projects and cooperation and chickens on here — also good to hear about rain. Good luck!

    • We so, SO needed the rain. It has been a really brutal summer. I’ve kind of given up on the garden, to be honest. Our tomatoes and peppers and blackberry bushes are still alive… that, the herbs, and that’s about it.

  2. No, not just you. I reference the Oregon Trail game, well, at lease once a month. I also nostalgically yearn for old-school Family Feud (I miss arms being, like, three staggered pixels).

    That’s a really neat idea. Was it difficult to sew that canvas?

    • Oregon Trail was, I truly believe, the best game. Oh, and the first Mario Bros. Remember the pipe-dwelling Little Shop of Horrors plants in that game?

      It’s funny you should ask about the canvas. I only tacked it up every 10″ or so – but the entire time, I was squatting. Squatting for, basically, an hour or so. My legs were shaking by the time I was done, and they are STILL in pain! I definitely got my workout in that evening.

      • Awww…

        I’m in nearly the same predicament. I was painting a door that was lying flat over two sawhorses, but only 3 feet off the ground. Thus, I had to bend my back the whole time. After a half hour, I got the ‘brilliant’ idea to squat (so glad I’m not famous because the paparazzi would have been all over THAT pose). I lasted all of five minutes (‘maybe’) before sallying out.

        Oh, me. Oh, legs that don’t have as much muscle as they look like they do.

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