Soundtrack for the WAITING

So Beaker (and perhaps Dino Puppy aka Yoshi Takashite aka Puppy aka whatever other random name we’ve come up with for her) should begin laying soon. She was born on March 19. Our very first egg!

And all we can do is wait. I plan to sing the following two songs to them EVERY SINGLE DAY until the dang chickens start laying. I almost forgot, through all the wretchedness and stress and fun times hanging with the chickens, that the eggs were the whole point, to be honest.



2 thoughts on “Soundtrack for the WAITING

  1. Hilarious! I’m trying to come up with another great “get your egg-laying on” song, but it’s 7:15 am and I’ve only had 2 sips of coffee. I can’t turn on my brights this early. šŸ™‚

    • I keep singing to myself, “Let’s Get It On,” too. Although it’s a little too SEXY for egg laying, you know?

      Come on, girls! It’s TIME! I swear, I really had forgotten that eggs would eventually come. Beaker will be 21 weeks old tomorrow, and we’re not sure how old Yoshi/Dino Puppy is. There has been so much else that’s happened along the way, I haven’t thought of eggs in while. Now it’s all I can think about!

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