Jinxing the Chickens

Chris woke up at 7 to let the chickens out of the run. At 9, I went to check on them – and Yoshi/Dino Puppy/that gray one was missing. Totally gone. No blood, no excessive feathers anywhere – just gone.

We’re assuming a bird of prey got a taste of her yesterday (see dried blood on beak, freaked out chickens) and came back to finish the job today.

I feel like we are cursed in the chicken department, and I’m mad that I’ll never hear her dino-like squawk again. I’m also holding out hope that I’ll glance up from the kitchen and see her running head-long across the back of the yard.

The remaining chickens will be in their attached run until further notice. We’ve ordered more hardware cloth to expand the run and begun thinking of ways to close the ends of the wagon so we can move them about the yard, give them fresh grass, and still keep them safe. The balancing act between giving them a good life with access to fresh pasture and protecting them is a tough one.

20120808. Yoshi Takashite, aka Dino Puppy.Update: She lives!


9 thoughts on “Jinxing the Chickens

  1. Oh, Christie. I’m so sorry that this Chicken thing has been so hard for you. I know you love those girls..I love them too. I hope that she is just hiding and will come out soon. Much love to you.

    • Thanks, Nikki. It has been a rough year. I’m truly beginning to feel cursed in the chicken department. My sole purpose in life is going to be keeping these girls alive!

    • The way the others were acting when I went out, all huddled into the coop, made me assume it was a predator that got her. Still – no sign at all of her?! And she was a big chicken – how big must the animal that got her have been? Sigh… We’re sad over here today.

  2. Okay, that’s enough. You’ve had enough bad chicken luck to last a lifetime. I am officially making an appeal to the chicken gods to LEAVE YOUR LITTLE CHICKENS ALONE!!! I’m so sorry to hear about Dino Puppy. That is rotten, just rotten.

    • WE CAUGHT A BREAK! Somehow, the chicken that never showed any sign of wanting to make a break for it got out of the fenced in backyard, through the privacy fence, across the street, through several other fences, and beyond the reach of neighbors’ dogs to weather an insane storm and two nights out in the open of someone’s backyard a street away!

      TL;DR: YOSHI LIVES!!! And we got her back pretty much unscathed. FREAKING CHICKENS WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!

      • Oh. My. God. What the hell?! I’m glad you got her back, safe and sound, but seriously, that is CRAZY.

    • Isn’t that insane?! I really could not believe it. I kept looking at Chris across the street, holding something under his arm, all chicken-football style and not understanding what was happening.

      My friend was telling me she thinks we need to write a novella about the chickens, there’s so much drama up in this backyard. 🙂

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