Jinx Removing?


BREAKING NEWS: Yoshi/Dino Puppy lives!

Cue angry parent of a teenager voice: How was your little adventure away from home, chicken? Huh? Oh, you’re HUNGRY?! Oh, you poor thing. WE THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!

Today after work, Chris was working out front while I supervised our four remaining chickens in the backyard (and by this, I mean drank beer, read a book, and rubbed chicken bellies… tough life, I know). Our neighbor Stuart comes over: “Hey, did you lose a rooster?” Chris affirms that we have, in fact, lost a chicken.

Apparently, Yoshi/Dino Puppy/that gray one made it out of our fenced in area of the backyard and through the one crack in our privacy fence, across the street, past countless neighbors’ dogs, over two other fences, and into Stuart’s backyard neighbors’ place – to weather a gigantic storm and two nights out on her own.

If I wasn’t so glad to see the dang bird, I’d wring her neck! Instead, we locked her in the run, let her chow down on chicken kibble for a bit, then let her peruse the yard with the rest of the girls. They were all immediately back to normal with her there. The flock is complete again.

I mean this in the kindest, most loving mama hen sort of way, but… BITCH ASS CHICKEN. Seriously, though… chicken lockdown is in effect.

And thank you for all the kind words on our last post. In honor of (maybe) removing our chicken jinx (maybe?!), I give you Jawbreaker’s “Jinx Removing.”

We’re too smart to watch TV, we’re too dumb to make believe this is all we want from life. I’m too dumb to talk to you, you’re so quick to listen to me. I’m saying nothing you don’t know.

3 thoughts on “Jinx Removing?

  1. So glad to see she’s safe and sound! Too bad chicken’s can write. I’d love to read about her outside-the-fence adventures. (And then, of course, I’d totally scold her for freaking you out, because, honestly, chicken mamas need back-up!)

    • We are SO curious about her little adventure away from home. Was that as far as she got? Or did she cruise all over the ‘hood, only to end up there? We had huge storms roll through Monday (like, massive flooding on the streets around us)… was she just hunkered down somewhere? When Chris found her, she was just strutting around these people’s backyard, foraging away. Obviously, she’s a tougher cookie than we thought (or just damn lucky).

      Sigh… chickens.

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