Home Sweet Home

It’s been a little quiet around these parts. Know why? I’ve been off in the second greatest, first littlest state of Rhode Island for a full week for work (oh, yeah, that job I never talk about here!), and Chris has been crying in a corner, missing me too much to be able to function enough to write a blog post.*

*That is a total lie. He actually busted ass with a sod cutter and did some awesome work around the garden. More on that in a mo’.

20120930. Partial WaterFire for our annual conference. PRETTY SPIFF.

Our conference opening session – we had our very own mini Watefire. Providence proved to us over and over what a cool city it is.

20120927. View from my Providence hotel room.

The view from my hotel room.

20120930. Partial WaterFire for our annual conference. Can you spot me and my look of utter terror carrying that torch?

For some reason, someone actually thought it was a good idea to hand me a flaming torch and have me walk down many flights of stairs. They apparently do not know my history (see: stabbing self with knives, nearly cutting off fingers, and falling down/cracking teeth off in Barcelona).

I arrived back at the first greatest state of Indiana yesterday afternoon, dumped my bags, then ran outside to hang with the chickens and get some dirt under my nails. A friend asked if Little Red charged my shins like a tiny rhino upon my return. No, but she did jump up onto my shoulder as I crouched down to say hi to the rest of the girls. We are homies.

After a week away, the three littlest girls look so different to me. Boo’s comb and wattles are getting big!

20121004. I leave for a week, and all the chickens look different to me.

Look at Little Red’s waddles! And I missed Dino Puppy’s black freckles.

20121004. Little Red is getting big waddles!

20121004. I leave for a week, and all the chickens look different to me.This was from a couple of weeks ago, but here is my second (sort of failed) attempt at getting video of the girls “flying the coop.” They get stage fright when I bust out the camera.

I was also thoroughly impressed with Chris’ work while I was gone. Sod cutter plus mulch plus the help of a good friend = LESS GRASS, MORE VEGGIES. He was nice enough to leave some of the sod rolling and mulching for me, though, knowing I would be so very sad to have missed all the fun.

20121004. Chris cut up a ton of sod in the garden area. Halfway done!

Less grass to mow, more room for veggies, and a new bed.

Finally, I decided it was time to harvest the sweet potatoes. We planted them after a potato bin workshop in June at Fall Creek Gardens, so we got a later start than you really should, but whatevs. I can’t wait to plant them again next spring! Look at how cute they are:

20121004. Sweet potatoes! Next year, these are going to be AWESOME.

20121004. First try at sweet potatoes.

Dang, sweet potato, you clean up real nice!

20121004. Growing sweet potatoes for the first time.I cut off some slips before harvesting the taters that will maybe, hopefully grow nice and strong all winter and be ready to plant by the spring. Again, it’s the blind (me) leading the blind (also me) here.

20121004. Sweet potato slips for next spring!There were a few things to harvest in the rest of the garden, too. I definitely dropped the ball with the garden this year – between the heat, the chickens, and the drought, I cut myself a little slack over that.
20121004. Sweet potatoes, peppers, an Romas.So glad to be home! I missed the dude, the chickens, the cats, and the garden. Ahhhh… Indiana.

13 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Yay second greatest (first littlest) state! Glad you’re home safe. Glad the Divine City took care of you. I should come to Indiana in the spring!

    • The Divine City took SUCH good care of me! I loved that I was cruising around Wickenden, thinking, “I bet Carrie lived around here somewhere… this seems like an area she would call home,” only to find out that’s exactly where you lived.

  2. Welcome home! I have such garden envy. You are amazing, lady. I cannot wait to see how those slips grow, in adorable jars no less. I hope you’ll be doing a couple updates about them here and there. Also, more chicken videos please! They run so cute. I love it.

    • I love the way the chickens run – sometimes they fly out of the coop, other times they run. The two older girls run like linebackers, heads down, all business. Little Red runs like an ostrich with her little head held high.

      We finished tearing up the rest of the sod around the garden today and laying down mulch! I really want to get two more blackberry bushes in the ground (like, tomorrow), and maybe see if anyone has half-price perennials to fill in some more space along the back of the house. Always a project in mind! I’ll definitely share more about the sweet potatoes as we go. I cooked up about half of them last night, and they were awesome. Hopefully next year we’ll get a ton of big ones to last us all winter!

  3. Thank you for the chicken footage! I love the noises chickens make. I don’t think any gardener in Indy lived up to their ambitions this year, you know, drought and all… πŸ˜‰

    • The noise Beaker makes at the VERY end of the video cracks me up. They were super happy and super talkative today – every single one of them had something to say to me. Oh, and I had all five of them eating beet greens out of my hand today! Chicken success, I say.

    • YES! It was crazy coming back to them. Our girls are so young still that they really did look way different to me (at least, the three littlest). Just think of how happy they’ll be to see you when you return, though.

    • A girl can dream! I think IF we ever do get an egg, it will be a total shock. I’ve kind of given up on the poor dears!

    • Providence was such a lovely surprise! It was so easy to get around, and it just felt like a really classy, yet still accessible, city. I don’t even know what that means, other than, “It was real purty, but I could still find a great bar off the Brown campus to get a pint.”

      I’m hoping the slips take root. They are looking a little wilty at the moment, but I have high hopes for them.

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