Introducing Our Newest Addition: BIRDIE!

And, no, in spite of the name, she’s not another chicken. She is THE MOST ADORABLE, CALM, DELIGHTFUL little boxer/husky mix I ever did see.

20121020. A week from today, we get to bring this little sweetie home with us! Introducing... BIRDIE!

We will actually bring her home next weekend, when I return from my jaunt all over North Carolina. With the addition of Birdie (very fitting name for this household and assigned by the shelter), we will bring the number of living critters on this 1/8-acre into the double digits: 8 ladies (me, 5 chickens, Bean, and Birdie) and 2 dudes (Chris and Boombox).


5 thoughts on “Introducing Our Newest Addition: BIRDIE!

    • YES!!! I can’t wait to get this little girl in our hands. She’s going to be the sweetest, most well-behaved, cutest, insert other superlative dog-related awesomeness here EVER. 🙂

  1. She’s lovely! Congrats 🙂

    In a totally unrelated topic, I remember you had some respiratory problems with your chickens this summer, and I’m just wondering what their symptoms were and how you treated them.

    Two of my girls are sick today – runny noses, bubbles in the corner of one eye, coughing, sneezing. They haven’t lost any energy though – they’re still active and eating and drinking. I’ve given them yogurt and added vitamins and electrolytes to their water. Liesl, who’s worse, I’ve quarantined and given vitamins, electrolytes and a small dosage of penicillin just in case it’s an infection. I hate to separate her from the flock, especially when it’s cold out, but I don’t know what else to do.

    Any tips? Advice?

    • I am so sorry!!! I was off in vacation-land (aka North Carolina) when this came through, and I totally missed it! I saw your post that Liesl is doing much better – thank goodness. We did the same thing you did – quarantined, antibiotics, etc. – and it really didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Beaker got it last and the WORST with a bubbly, droopy eye, but even she, about three weeks later, was finally back to normal.

      It was so stressful, though, and I’m sorry you went through it, too!

      • No worries – hope you had a lovely vacation! We’re all better now, just a few sneezes now and then, but at least the two little girls never caught whatever it was. Both Liesl and Greta went through a pretty hard molt this year, so I think their immune systems weren’t as strong as they normally are.

        I hope you’re enjoying your new puppy!!! Yay!

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