Distraction Is the Name of the… OOO, SHINY!

Hey, Space-Farm readers, guess what?! WE GOT A PUPPY!!!

20121030. Birdie's sweetest face.

Which means, essentially, our world’s axis has shifted to one that includes a lot of talk about poops, best ways to get girlfriend to walk on a leash, ooos and aaahs as she does things like uses her stuffed octopus toy as a pillow or romps like a tiny pony, and the special joys of peanut butter-flavored doggie kisses. Truly, she is very well-behaved already, has only had one accident in the kitchen, can sit on command, and is getting that whole leash thing down.


20121029. My first morning with Birdie.

Also, having a puppy makes you forget about things like the rosemary jam you had been dying to make just two weeks earlier, mulching the sprouting garlic bulbs in the bed out back, and petting the chickens. Today, after a walk around the ‘hood (and subsequent puppy nap – she is quite small), it was time for all of those poor neglected souls, both animal and vegetable, to get some attention.

First up, the chickens. Let’s just check in on all the gals, shall we? Beaker is still mama-hen.

20121103. Beaker and Little Red.

Little Red is getting bigger (but is still quite little).

20121103. Little Red.

Dino Puppy is a pretty, prissy little princess.

20121103. Dino Puppy, Boo, and pumpkin snacks.

Boo’s comb is looking slick!

20121103. Boo.

And Edgar, who is normally impossible to snap a picture of, was downright outgoing today.

20121103. Edgar and her waddles.

As for the garden, we have winter rye growing as a cover crop. I’ve left the chard, fennel, and rosemary until frost kills them – the chickens love fennel so much they will actually jump for it, so how could I kill that back too soon?

20121103. Winter garden.

Winter rye.

20121103. Garlic sprouts.

Garlic sprouts.

20121103. Winter beds.

Fennel, a few last herbs, and strawberries in the far bed.

So there you have it. I managed to accomplish one or two non-dog-related things… only to come back in the house to this. PUPPY!!!

20121102. Birdie and her octopus pillow.


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