Christmas Knitting in Full Effect, Y’all!

NOTE TO MY LOVELY FAMILY: Stop reading this entry if you want any surprises this Christmas!

I really like knowing how to make things for myself. I like understanding different aspects of gardening and composting, canning and cooking fresh greens from the backyard, and caring for our various ridiculous menagerie of animals.

I feel like knitting is an extreme example of that (and probably a little bit decadent, too, in terms of time, cost of materials, etc., but also something you could actually do if you had the know-how, lived on a mountainside with no power, surrounded by sheep).

I wonder, though, if people truly understand the time (and cash) investment that goes into a typical knitted item. Way back when, I tried to make a profit off knitting. Maybe it’s possible, but for the things I was knitting, even with buying yarn in bulk off Ebay, and for the cost I was able to charge, it came out to about $1.50/hour wage.

So now I only knit for people I love. And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this fall! I still have about twice this many projects planned out, but, hey, I’ve got another month or so. PLENTY of time.

For newest nephew Zachary, I give you… SQUAREY!

20120908. Squarey! First Christmas knitting.

For nephew Benjamin… an OWL!

20120913. Christmas knitting continues! Big puffy owl.

Also for Ben… a SNAKE!

20121015. Christmas gifts abound! Ben's stripey snakey.

A special hat for my mama:

20121015. Christmas gifts abound! Ysolda Teague hat.

Cable sampler cowl for my sis-in-law Sarah:

20121015. Aran sampler cowl.

Amazing slippers, also for my sis-in-law (really, they are so squishy and comfy, I need a pair of my own):

20121106. River slippers.

And a ridiculously large pair of slippers for my daddio.

20121106. Nola's slippers.

The Christmas knitting will continue. I still have so much to do! Another pair of slippers, a scarf, mittens, maybe a wee Linus blankie for my sweetest little nephew… oh, and probably something fun for my pub knitting friends!

Criminy. What am I doing here? I need to stop typing and get back to the knitting!

8 thoughts on “Christmas Knitting in Full Effect, Y’all!

  1. The pillow and the owl are just wonderful, you have an amazing talent! My grandmother taught me to knit when i was a kid but I can only do straight lines
    like scarves 😦

    • You know the coolest part of the pillow? It was basically one big straight line folded in half (with a few arms and legs, I guess). That was, like, the most satisfying knit, partly because it was so easy and ended up so surprisingly cute. 🙂

      And thank you!

    • Ah hahaha! While I do enjoy knitting greatly, I don’t know about the relaxation part! Sometimes it is… when it’s all going according to plan. 🙂 I just always hope people realize that I only knit for the people I love.

  2. Everything is wonderful! You have been sooo busy. Good for you. I haven’t knit anything in ages. It’s so true how much time and energy goes into a hand knitted item. Makes it priceless actually.

    • I agree that handknits are priceless. It’s funny – after having a much-delayed bag when traveling recently, I have stopped putting any handknits in my checked bags. The mental inventory for me was not about clothes or books or whatever else I had stuffed in there, but which of my handknit sweaters could possibly be lost!

      Can you believe I still have at least five or six MORE projects I wanted to get done before the holidays?! AND we are doing our gift exchange with my parents over Thanksgiving, so I HAVE to get theirs done, like, next week? ARGH!

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