Mmm… Tastes Like FALL Up in This Piece!

I don’t know about you, but I love rediscovering fall/winter favorite food-stuffs. You’ve just spent the long, hot, dry summer sweating it out, caring for sick chickens, watering garden plants just enough to keep them alive, brown dead lawns crunching under your feet, and sucking on cheapo generic Popsicles all summer just to keep your brain liquids from boiling.

Suddenly, almost inexplicably, the temperatures start shifting. The sun drops lower on the horizon. Frost revisits your backyard and your breath each morning. And suddenly – MIRACULOUSLY! – hot tea and slippers replace generic Popsicles and sweaty cutoffs.

Therefore, it is with great joy that I have found the need to write this blog post. Yes, NEED. I needed to write this entry to document some of the amazing fall recipes I’ve found – and want to be able to RE-find this time next year.

First up: two words. SCALLOPED TURNIPS. I grew both beets and turnips for the first time ever this year. The beets were an immediate win. The turnips, however, required a little more work to fix up in a tasty, non-bitter fashion.

20120811. Mutant turnips!

20120825. TURNIPS.

But oh, people, I have found the most magical turnips recipe ever, courtesy of Simple Recipes. The only substitutes I made were to use soy milk instead of milk, layer on a whole lot more turnips and onions, and add a nice cushion of shredded cheese (YUM).

Next on the list: the best drink to sip in front of a toasty fire. THE NOR’EASTER. Here’s how the magic happens: Combine 2 oz. bourbon, 1/2-oz. maple syrup, and 1/2-oz. lime juice in a shaker. Fill with ice, shake, strain. Top with ginger beer. Drink. Make another.

NOR'EASTER, the best fall drink ever.

And finally… ROASTED CAULIFLOWER. This is a winter staple. Sometimes, roasted cauliflower and a beer = dinner. This time around, it was roasted cauliflower with an orange pepper that wasn’t doing so hot and a little dried rosemary from the garden.

20121113. Tastes like fall.

In short… HAPPY FROSTY BREATH-TIME, BITCHES! Snuggle up in a handknit sweater with a doggie on your lap, and let’s all hunker down for the winter together.

20121104. We are the best snugglers.

2 thoughts on “Mmm… Tastes Like FALL Up in This Piece!

  1. Mmmmm . . . a turnip recipe that actually tastes good? For reals? ‘Cause turnips kinda fall in the same category as radishes for me – I grow them because they’re soooooo easy to grow, but I don’t really like eating them. However, I’m all about the root veggies this winter, and I am a big believer in the transformative power of onions and cheese.

    Your puppy is adorable, and you are the knitting queen. I’ve been working on the same cardigan since the end of August. Seriously. Your knitting creations are inspiring.

    • Can you believe it?! The first time I made turnips, I just threw them in a pan and roasted them with a bunch of other root vegetables. And you know what? I wanted to PUKE. Literally close to gagging with every bite. Something had to give! On my quest to do SOMEthing with the bitter bastards I happened to have willingly planted myself, I found another damn good turnip recipe, too:

      And fear not, fellow knitter – I’ve been working on the same cardigan since August, too (or, rather, NOT working on it). Christmas knitting uber alles, although once I finish this one more project, I’ll be officially done! The cardigan will languish no longer!

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