On Boo’s Impressive Comb

The other day as I was feeding and watering and generally fawning over the chickens, I was nearly overcome by the impressiveness greeting me from the general vicinity of one delicate, flighty little bird named Boo (aka Flighty Whitey).

Okay, not really. But I was struck by how quickly her comb went from mildly impressive to a floppy, droopy, flapping in the breeze red flag of chicken-ness. Chicken epitome.

Observe: Exhibit A. October 4.

20121004. I leave for a week, and all the chickens look different to me.

Exhibit B. November 3.

20121103. Boo.

Exhibit C. November 18.

20121118. Quality time with the chickens - Boo and her suddenly impressive comb.Think maybe one of these (loveable, hilarious, heartwarming) jerks will someday lay us an egg? Because that would be so super cool.

Bonus pic of the day: Dino Puppy (aka Yoshi, aka Yoshi Takashite, aka The Gray One) has also gotten lovey again. She lets me give her chicken massages again – I think because she knows we have been discussing what we will do in the spring if these jerks don’t start laying soon. She’s buttering me up so I don’t make chicken soup out of her. No, for real.

20121118. Quality time with the chickens - Dino Puppy.

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