Shape Up or Ship Out!

It’s like the chickens KNEW I was planning to make chicken soup out of them if they didn’t get off the proverbial pot soon.

20121121. FIRST EGG! From Dino Puppy.

Two days after posting about Boo’s suddenly-impressive comb and threatening backyard chicken genocide on the whole lot of them if an egg didn’t come soon, not one, but TWO beautiful little green eggs appeared in our nesting box!

20121121. FIRST EGG! From Dino Puppy.

20121121. FIRST EGG! From Dino Puppy.

That’s right – our first eggs! After all that we’ve gone through with these girls (and their predecessors, rest their souls), seeing that first egg this morning was… strange. I had kind of convinced myself that our chickens were forever broken and that we were horrible chicken-rearers, to be honest. So getting that first egg was surprising but not… bittersweet but full of excitement… just weird.

20121121. FIRST EGG! From Dino Puppy.

One of these things is not like the others…

Not only is Dino Puppy laying beautiful green eggs (two eggs in two days in the middle of some of the darkest days of the year?! Exquisite, chicken!), but she and Boo had matching “hunkering down” behavior this evening that I’ve never seen before. Others had told me that once chickens start laying or are about to lay, when you reach out to them, they’ll plant themselves and sort of hunker down. Could we soon have white eggs from the leghorn to add to our sweet green array soon?

Two little green eggs! Halle-freaking-lujah!

I found her first egg at 7 this morning (she probably laid it yesterday). By 10 am, she was laying another one!

This Thanksgiving, I am thankful for beautiful little jewel eggs appearing like magic in the backyard, having the parents over to our house for Thanksgiving for the first time ever, and boyfriends who send me freaky-assed cornucopias of fall floral arrangements (with cards to match) to celebrate the season. Blammo, indeed!

20121121. I'm ready to reap this freaky-assed harvest.

2 thoughts on “Shape Up or Ship Out!

  1. Congrats on the eggs! Funny, last year when I threatened Greta with the soup pot, and casually left an axe in the yard by the coop, she started laying within a few days, too. It’s like they know . . .

    The “hunkering down” is, to put it delicately, “presenting”. She thinks you’re a rooster, and she’s letting you know it’s okay to, uhm, mount her. I thought I was scaring them at first, but no. They’re revved up and ready to go; hence, the eggs. If Dino Puppy is presenting, you’ll have eggs from her soon.

    Enjoy your green eggs 🙂

    • I was thinking that’s what we had going on – the “I’m ready for LOVE” stance. Which makes me feel mildly disturbed when I reach out, and they think *I’m* ready for love, too!

      I can’t wait until we get our first little white egg from Boo, the leghorn! So far, we’ve had four little green eggs in five days.

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