Geek-Out-Worthy: Composters and Chicken Combovers

Geek-Out-Worthy Thing the First: Have I mentioned lately how awesome it is to have someone around who not only has a ton of construction-type tools, but who also has the interest and know-how to use them? Yesterday, Chris leveled the composter that he built with his own two hands, and today he whipped up a new dust bathing box for the chickens.

20121125. Our new composter!

Since I am good at encouragement and manual labor, my job was to lend encouragement, rake/cut up sticks/consolidate compost piles, and rake out/freshen up the chicken coop and run.

20121125. Our new composter!Some composter plans and details, straight from the boyfriend himself:

Geek-Out-Worthy Thing the Second: HAVING CHICKENS WHO ARE ACTUALLY LAYING EGGS/ARE ABOUT TO GET STARTED! Dino Puppy has given us four eggs since 11/20. Boo is now expressing an interest in the nesting box, and her comb has grown exponentially over the last 1.5 months (not to mention in the last week alone!).

Compare: November 18.

20121118. Quality time with the chickens - Boo and her suddenly impressive comb.

November 25. Maybe not as impressive from the side…

20121125. Boo's impressive comb.

But look at that comb! It has officially become a combover and is flopping and wobbling all over the dang place. Go, Boo, go!

20121125. Boo's impressive comb.

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