Finally! Someone Got the Memo

On November 20, Dino Puppy laid her (and our) first egg.

It looks like Boo got the memo, because before 8:00 this morning, there were TWO beautiful little eggs, side by side in the far nesting box, one green and the other a telltale white egg that could have only come from our only leghorn.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this latest installment in the backyard chicken telenovela drama we’ve got going on!

Boo's first egg! (and Dino Puppy's fifth). Huevos rancheros for dinner!

P.S. I’m also starting to worry that our neighbors are going to call the cops on us. Boo and Dino Puppy in particular are LOUD, LOUD creatures all of a sudden! Dino Puppy got her name, in part, due to her loud dinosaur-esque squawk, but dios mio, it has only gotten worse. I swear, they are not roosters, and they are still quieter than your barking dogs, neighbors!

4 thoughts on “Finally! Someone Got the Memo

    • It’s so funny – the second I open the back door in the morning, the girls just start going nuts with the squawking! I think it means they love me (or maybe just my food).

      We are so thrilled to finally be getting eggs. We’re up to 8 now in the last week!

    • Any day now, any day! I was really wondering if we wouldn’t see anything until the spring, what with the shortened days and the TOTAL LACK OF ANYTHING RESEMBLING EGG LAYING. 🙂 We’re so excited – up to eight eggs in the last seven days.

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