Enjoying the View

Here’s our view lately:

20121122. The Eiteljorg Jingle Trails exhibit. IN State Fair!

The Indiana State Fair in miniature at the Eiteljorg Museum.

20121129. EGGIES! The brown one is our last storebought egg (ever???).

Eggies! Since 11/20, our two laying chickens have given us 14 eggs. Note: we have three more girls who haven’t even begun laying yet. EGGIE OVERLOAD!

20121122. First Thanksgiving hosting!

Our bird and the human residents of the Space-Farm (aka us).

20121123. The fam at the Eiteljorg.

Where I come from.

20121129. Birdie has nearly doubled her weight since we got her a month ago.

Birdie’s ears and spots.

20121130. Rocketman.

Sneak preview: blast off!

Metric (on repeat lately), “Calculation Theme.” I wish we were farmers. I wish we knew how to grow sweet potatoes and milk cows.

How’s your view these days?

4 thoughts on “Enjoying the View

  1. That puppy is beyond cute. I’m in love. With a puppy I’ve never met. Does that mean I have an online relationship with a puppy from Indiana? It just might. Congratulations on the eggs! Paint one green and send it to me so I can put it on my desk. (if you’re not a crazy fan of it’s always sunny in Philadelphia, you’ll have no idea what I’m saying). Hope you’re well! Have you guys had any snow yet?

    • Okay, so I NEVER get pop culture references. Like, ever. Even for things I’ve seen. I’m like, “What was that from again?,” and Chris is all, “That movie we watched… LAST NIGHT.” Chris loves It’s Always Sunny, so I’ll have to check in with him (my spirit guide to all things pop culture/movie/TV-related).

      And we kind of love the puppy, too. Just a little bit. Sometimes my favorite are her ears. Sometimes her spots. Sometimes her pink belly. Sometimes the way she sits on the heater every morning to warm her adorable little parts. It’s okay, you can have a long distance/online relationship with her. I find it’s safer like that, anyway – she can never break your heart, right?

  2. Fantastic view!

    I lurve that miniature State Fair display (I’m a sucker for all things mini).

    You may be jealous of our snow, but I am uber-jealous of your eggs. Liesl laid three eggs and then stopped. I hope we don’t go all winter without one single hen a-laying. However, jealousy aside, I’m so happy for you that your girls have started to lay (finally! yay!)

    Birdie is adorable. Does she cuddle? Nothing better than a cute dog to keep you warm on a winter evening.

    • I can’t believe they FINALLY started laying! Of course, three girls still are NOT, but I’m just so thrilled with the change in status from stubborn non-layers to having TWO WHOLE LAYING CHICKENS that I could care less.

      Isn’t that State Fair amazing? Every year, the Eiteljorg Museum (Native American art) does “Jingle Rails,” building huge train tracks through different miniaturized displays of iconic scenes from national parks (using only natural materials). This year, they had a whole Indianapolis section, too, which I thought was awesome. So creepy and cute all at the same time.

      Birdie is a primo cuddler – except when she isn’t. 🙂 Usually it means she needs to a) poop, b) pee, or c) play. Pretty easy!

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