So THIS Happened Tonight…

Alternate post title – THE HOLIDAY SEASON: ARE YOU FEELING IT? Because we sure as heck are, dammit (as is clearly evident from the following display of Photoshop vomit I felt compelled to create tonight)…

Happy Holidays from the Space-Farm!If you are unlucky enough that we have your address, be forewarned: this beautiful monstrosity will be spewing Christmas cheer all over your mailbox any day now!

6 thoughts on “So THIS Happened Tonight…

  1. Oh. my. lord. Best Christmas card EVER! You have inspired me, my friend. Sipping my morning coffee, browsing my fave blogs, I almost did a spit take when I saw this glorious creation. Happy holidays, indeed.

    • YAY!!! I love making people spew coffee first thing in the morning! Seriously, though, every single animal I added, I guffawed out loud. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

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