And Then There Were Three…

Egg layers, that is! Edgar, our fluffy-legged, super flighty, very photogenic Australorp laid her first egg today.

20121219. Edgar lays her first egg!

Now among our three girls who are laying, we have brown, green, and white eggs.

Three cheers for Edgar!

20121103. Edgar and her waddles.By the way, Boo, the leghorn, has laid an egg every day for the last eight days. She shoots eggs out her bum like laser beams! Or rainbows!

8 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three…

  1. I just love that you have chooks laying different coloured eggs. Initially I picked the breeds I wanted for the different eggs I would receive from them. Unfortunately I couldn’t get any of them locally! So I have 2 Isa Browns – for intsant eggs and I will wait for our poultry auctions to start up again, when it gets a bit cooler, for the fancier breeds.

    • I love that we have such a variety of colors, too! It’s so fun – and makes it REALLY easy so far to tell who is laying and how often. Of course, hopefully our other Easter Egger and Rhode Island Red will start laying soon, too. That might make it a bit trickier to tell who’s laying up a storm and who are our slackers.

    • You betcha! She very well might be our biggest chicken, too, making for a very nice stew. 🙂 I kid, I kid. Well done, Edgar!

  2. Eight days in a row!? What a chicken!

    Maybe I should have your chickens talk to my chickens – none of mine are laying right now. Of course, it is -18C (-4F) here today – perhaps it’s just too damn cold.

    Congrats to Edgar – all grown up 🙂

    And I love the rainbow assortment of eggs. I agree with what you said in your last post about the eggs not really tasting any different than grocery store eggs, but it’s cool to see the variety in colours and sizes that you don’t get in a grocery store.

    • I am just amazed at Boo! Since she started laying about a month ago, she’s only taken off three or four days. It’s craziness. Laser beams, I tell you! We really thought we wouldn’t see any eggs until the spring, but our weather has been incredibly mild so far. My chard is still growing like gangbusters, and the rosemary plants needed some harvesting a week or so ago. Wacky weather.

      I really want to start selling 6-packs of eggs and put a little decoder guide in with them so people know who laid what.

    • Guess what? You’ll never guess… On the shortest day of the year, Beaker, our other Easter Egger, decided to lay her first egg! These chickens are wacky, but I’m not complaining. Now we have green, brown, white, and a sweet little pink one.

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