My Psychic Powers

Over the holidays, we found one of the Christmas cards I gave Chris in 2011. Note that we had not planned yet on chickens, and we hadn’t even discussed a puppy until, oh, September or so of this year. I’m psychic!

20130105. I'm psychic! My Christmas card to Chris in 2011 (note we had not planned on chickens OR a dog by Christmas last year).

(And, yes, generally speaking, Chris gets at least one cute animal card for every holiday or birthday. It’s kind of my thing).

2 thoughts on “My Psychic Powers

  1. So what plans did you write in the card for this past Christmas?? I hope they come true!

    Also, Birdie is way cuter than cute card puppy. Birdie!!

    • I didn’t even make any predictions this year! It was so funny, finding that card – really, Birdie was not even a remote possibility/a point of discussion last Christmas. Crazy!

      “Dear Chris, I can’t wait for 2013, when we raise meat birds for the first time, I start my farming apprenticeship, and we maybe, possibly buy some land.” That’s all I’ve got right now. 🙂

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