I STILL Don’t Know What I Don’t Know… But I’m Learning, Dangit

As follow up to my post about how little I actually know, I’ve also signed up for this free online class (and you should, too! We can be study buddies!): “An Introduction to the U.S. Food System: Perspectives from Public Health,” from Johns Hopkins.

It started yesterday, but it is six weeks long and designed so you can still jump in at week two or three and hit the ground running (which is a good thing since my UVM farm course is going to take some focus this week and next!).

Take it with me, and we can talk about FOOD! Also, can we just talk about how cool it is that I can take a class like this from all around the world for free? That’s just cool.

2 thoughts on “I STILL Don’t Know What I Don’t Know… But I’m Learning, Dangit

  1. Hay Hay Haay (yeah.)
    I enrolled in that class months ago! (You and I are twins that don’t look alike. I know there’s a name for them.)
    I tried searching the discussion forum for your introduction so I could reply to it and surprise you, but I couldn’t find anything by searching your name, or Indiana, or…get this… “Beaker.”
    Let’s be study-buddies! (Almost tried to get cool with that and shorten it to stud-buds, but it took a wrong turn in my head.)

    • I love that you searched for Beaker! Yeah, I’m the loser who logged in, started looking at all the coursework, then realized I need to focus on getting my UVM class done first this week and next, THEN I can start learning all about food systems.

      Now I’m going to have to search for your intro, though – I’ll try Jenna, Maine, and AWESOMESAUCE to start.

      We are the female equivalent of “brothers from another mother,” I am convinced. 🙂

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