Pink Floyd, Chicken Style (or Today’s Reason Science Is Cool)

I’ve been away much of this month for work, and upon returning home, the first thing I wanted to do this morning was CLEAN HOUSE. I made it through the kitchen, then tackled the bookshelf. Don’t get me wrong – we have a fine, eclectic selection of books. The truth is, though, that some of those books could live just as nicely on someone else’s shelf.

Chris found a book that, years ago, he had jotted the following onto a piece of paper and stuck it in its pages: “Pink Floyd & Chickens, 161.” In addition to this being sort of a hilarious note, this was long before chickens were even a glimmer in his eye.

The book in question, Mind Wide Open by Steven Johnson, states, “We also know something about that most elusive and private of music experiences: the chill. Jaak Panksepp has been in pursuit of the neurochemistry of musical chills for more than a decade.”

Animals appear to have chill responses to music, just like people. According to the book, “In one widely cited study, [Panksepp] played dozens of records to chickens attached to equipment designed to record their shivers of pleasure. (The chickens turned out to have the strongest positive response to the late-era Pink Floyd record, The Final Cut).”

If I were a chicken, I’m thinking “Waiting for the Worms” would probably be my jam:

Or, if you’re a chicken like Boo who enjoys flying over our 6′ fence and braving the neighbor’s backyard, what about “Learning to Fly”?

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