Current State of Affairs: Egg Overload

The state of things in this little household: we are drowning in eggs.

Point the first: I used a dozen hardboiled beauties to made another curried egg salad yesterday.

20130224. Egg salad makin'.

20130224. Birdie thinks eggs are tennis balls for her to play with. This is her waiting attentively.

(Every time I collect eggs, Birdie waits patiently, thinking they are special balls for her to play with. Sorry to disappoint, Bird).

Next up: We sold another dozen to our neighbors today.

Wanna know how many eggs are currently still in our fridge? TWENTY-ONE EGGS. Twenty-freaking-one eggs.  I believe it’s time for our first foray into the wild world of pickled eggs, don’t you?

10 thoughts on “Current State of Affairs: Egg Overload

    • I really think curried egg salad deserves its own blog post, don’t you? 🙂 Yeah, our neighbor is currently on the Atkins diet and eating over a dozen eggs a week. I think the next one will be on us! (This is also the sweet couple who has checked in on our chickens twice now when we’ve left town for the weekend, bless their hearts. It’s good to have good neighbors!).

      • Ohh, I could do a blog post about our 85 yr old neighbor who insisted she would take care of the chickens (i.e. just raise and lower the ramp) and ended up in physical therapy for almost a month when she fell on her way out to the coop…oi. She’s a great neighbor but she doesn’t do chickens!

    • Oh, your poor, sweet neighbor! We should all do blog posts about our respective “unsung heroes” – those lovely souls who agree to check in on their zany neighbors’/friends’/relatives’ chickens while they are away and the crazy, zany, and/or downright awful things that happen to them.

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