Dyeing Eggs Naturally (and Half-assedly)

I got a wild hair this spring to use natural egg dyes this year. You know, turmeric and beet juice and purple cabbage and blueberry pulp and what-not. Once I started looking online for different “recipes,” though, I realized I was going to need about a bajillion pots for all the different dyes I wanted to try to make, it was going to take me all night, and I would probably manage to scald the skin off my hands by the end of it all.

That’s just how I roll.

So instead? I went the half-assed, I mean, Space-Farm approved route, pulled some spices off the rack, boiled some water, and poured it into a few jars with some white vinegar. I am hoping an egg or two will turn a different color. And that they won’t taste of chili powder, turmeric, and paprika.

20130314. Half-assed natural egg dyeing.

One thought on “Dyeing Eggs Naturally (and Half-assedly)

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