Honorary Titles: Best Stay-at-Home Whatever?

I’ve decided that, if given the opportunity, I really could be… THE GREATEST STAY-AT-HOME WHATEVER TO EVER STAY AT HOME. It’s unfortunate that work gets in the way of all my amazing activities, keeping me from actualizing my true potential to stay at home, being whatever, and making and doing all day long.

But it’s okay. The work part¬†probably keeps me (sort of, mostly, kind of) sane.

Here’s my recent resume of what I’ve been making and doing lately, which I think clearly puts me at least in the running to be greatest stay-at-home whatever: We brewed our first batch of beer last Sunday, and now our front closet smells delectably of beer…

20130410. Our hall closet smells like beer.

To be fair, I was more the helper. Chris is the real brewmaster in training.

Ever since, I’ve been feeding the spent grains to both the chickens and to Birdie (in the form of these amazingly easy dog biscuits):

20130410. Birdie's spent grain biscuits - before and after.

I think she approves.

The sweet potatoes continue to grow:
20130410. Sweet potatoes continue to grow.

And the barley fodder tray has begun to green up. Soon, the chickens will be munching on delicious barley greens (and in a few weeks, they’ll have free rein over the yard again).
20130410. Growing barley for the chickens.

I was also terribly impressed with myself: I SUCCESSFULLY made Neufchatel cheese with dried rosemary and lavender from last year’s garden (and with the prompting and encouragement of a fellow blogger, Chris Kafer, whose blog is one of the few I make a point of checking in on regularly!). This turned out better than I could have hoped and is amazing on bagels.

20130410. Homemade Neufchatel with rosemary and lavender.


So wouldn’t you agree? I would totally be the best stay-at-home whatever that stayed at home doing whatever. EVER.

4 thoughts on “Honorary Titles: Best Stay-at-Home Whatever?

  1. Oooh, Rosemary. I bet that would be good. I like fresh cracked mixed pepper mixed in. I’m going to try some of the Neufchatel I made this weekend as a substitute for goat cheese in pasta with arugula and cherry tomatoes. Glad it turned out well! Thanks for the nice comment!

    • I definitely added too much salt and probably could have let it drain a BIT longer… But even with those two caveats, I’m super pleased with it! I love the idea of mixing it in with pasta and making a really fresh, creamy sauce. MMM, hungry.

  2. Yes! Sometimes I think I’ve turned into a stay-at-home mom minus the children (so far). Also, am totally stoked about that cheese you made. I gotta give that a go.

    • You should give it a try! I am usually fairly convinced I will suck at things like making cheese, but this stuff was so easy. The most difficult part was just rigging up a hanging mechanism in the fridge to let it drain (oh, and trying to figure out what to wrap it in – turns out some of my dish towels were PERFECT).

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