It’s May! … and Everything’s Coming Up Christie

I am in love with this month, and it’s still only the first day. Why, you ask? Here’s a small sampling of what we’ve got going on in the next 30 days:

    • My nephew Zachary’s first birthday on 5/4 and my brother’s birthday the next day.
20120629. Vacation to Colorado to visit the family.

The goober last summer, only about 8 weeks old.

day 4 - brian and sarah at the teahouse.

Brian and Sarah at this teahouse we hiked to up in the mountains years ago, somewhere in Alberta.

    • My birthday on May 18, oh yeah!

100518. sad bird.

    • A fantastic homebrewing festival this weekend, Big Brew 2013 at Great Fermentations just down the street from our house, featuring classes on cheesemaking and wild yeast cultures/sour beers, followed up by a cookout at a friend’s house (I’m bringing deviled eggs, of course!).
    • A tour of Fruit Loop Acres, which is a truly awesome urban endeavor by two pretty awesome people, from what I hear, this Sunday.
    • Mother’s Day and a visit to my parents’ place up near Chicago, including a huge family picnic and my brother, sis-in-law, and two nephews visiting from Colorado.
20111024. playing with ben.

Me and Ben, my almost 4-year-old nephew, who I think is pretty much the coolest.

090815. me and mom, deception pass.

Me and my amazing, beautiful, wonderful, ridiculously caring mom at Deception Pass in Washington a few years back.

    • A visit from three fantastic women to little old Indianapolis – Sarah from San Francisco, Carrie from North Carolina, and Nikki from Toronto are all going to be IN MY HOUSE AT THE SAME TIME! I *almost* literally cannot wait and feel way too lucky. We will eat ice cream at BRICS and brunch at Three Sisters and go to the Indy 500 parade and hit up 100 Acres and the IMA and watch bad television and hang out with the chickens in the backyard and cuddle Birdie and and and… I just can’t wait.
20111002. visit to asbury park, nj.

Two of my three girls, on an adventure in 2011 to Asbury Park, NJ, to see Jeff Mangum play his first show in a long while. Best weekend ever.

    • AAAAAND… the start of my apprenticeship with Growing Places Indy on 5/28!

20120920. Happy!

The last couple of months have been rough ones. This month, though… this month is going to be the greatest one ever. Sometimes (okay, most of the time), I really love my life.

P.S. Also… Chris is currently prepping our hop trellis. That’s right… We’re also planting our HOPS this month! I’m telling you, “m” is for May and magic.

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