Rotational Grazing, Space-Farm Style…

Here on our little postage stamp of land, we practice our own version of rotational grazing. It goes something like this:

  • First, you let the chickens loose. They eat lots of weedy grass and worms and hay and, sometimes, the perennials just starting  to come back from a long winter.
  • The chickens poop. Everywhere. Seriously, I keep walking into the backyard barefoot, and I don’t know what my problem is. Landmines, I tell you. LANDMINES.
  • Then, you let Birdie the dog loose. Birdie eats the taller grasses, as well as the poops. We call them “lawn snacks.” Then Birdie poops.
  • And… repeat the above process.

Eat your heart out, Joel Salatin!

6 thoughts on “Rotational Grazing, Space-Farm Style…

    • Dog and cat poo is not safe for the regular compost pile, so it goes in the garbage unfortunately. I really hate doing this, however, and your question is prompting me to seek a better alternative.

      Apparently you can buy or make a mini septic system for pet waste. You bury most of it and use some sort of enzyme that helps with decomposition.

  1. Hurrah! My two idiot dogs aren’t the only ones who enjoy eating “lawn snacks.” Weird as it sounds, I’m relieved to hear that another dog does this, too.

    • Birdie gets all worked up when the chickens are out in the yard. At first, I thought it was just because she wanted to be out there with them/eat them… but now I’m beginning to wonder if it isn’t that she’s getting super excited about the lawn snacks. She has such a sense of purpose after we put the chickens away and let her loose!

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