Pics or It Didn’t Happen…

The current state of affairs around these parts:

20130504. Garden hands.

I planted some more tomatoes – post-planting garden hands.

20130504. Salads always.

Lettuce cam!

20130504. Roughly 97 garlic cloves.

What 97 growing garlic cloves look like (I know… I counted).

20130504. Strawberries!

Overwintered strawberries.

20130504. Chris finishing up the hop trellis.

Finishing up the hop trellis.

20130504. Birdie and the birds.

Birdie and the birds.

20130504. My Little Red.

My littlest Little Red.

20130504. Garden face.

Glad for overcast skies and cool temperatures: flannel shirt weather.

9 thoughts on “Pics or It Didn’t Happen…

  1. Hi Christie – you don’t know me and I don’t know you, so this is going to seem strange, but I just love you. Your blog is the high light of my day. My husband and I are new gardeners so I love seeing what you’re doing and learning from you. I’m totally jealous of your seedlings… Mine didn’t make it, again! And, one day I hope to have chickens too.

    • Aw! You brightened MY day! Maybe even more strangely, it doesn’t seem all that strange – I have a number of bloggers I check in on and wish they lived closer so we could all hang out and be BFFs. 🙂

      I’m so glad you like reading along – truly, if I can do this stuff, anyone can, I swear. We are just two overachievers with a love for growing things and a penchant for taking on too many projects.

    • Thank you! You know, it seems to have switched really quickly this year from winter to some semblance of spring/summer here in Indiana. Either that or it’s just that time is going WAY too fast! I can’t believe it’s May, and with some of the other things we have coming up this month, I’m realizing I still have much to get into the ground, hopefully today: pepper plants, herbs, bok choi, oh my!

      Here’s to a happy garden for you all soon!

    • I can’t wait for this summer, when dirt will be forever under my finger nails. Am I the only one who paints her nails to cover up the dirt?

  2. Nice work on the hop trellis. I have been growing my own for the past three years, did your trellis do the job? It seemed somewhat short, considering the bines can grow 20+ feet in a season. What variety did you plant?

    • Thanks. They did just OK this first year. I’m hoping they come back strong next year. I made the trellis as tall as I could, but I was limited by a power line which you can see the top-left of the image. I figured I’d train them horizontally once they reached the top of the trellis. They are Cascade and Willamette.

      If I get more into hop gardening, I might try to plant some on the south side of the garage, where they could grow to about 20 feet in height 🙂

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