Little Red, Big World…

Chickens running is definitely up there on the list of simple things that can make me ridiculously happy no matter what the weather, my personal circumstances, or what bad news I might have received.

Thus begins my NEW EPIC VIDEO QUEST – the quest to get what I believe is the epitome of the chicken run, the Little Red run, captured on video. I’m not sure how well I succeeded tonight, but the chickens do come when called more reliably than Birdie does.

Speaking of Little Red, she laid a mutant egg today:

20130507. Little Red's mutant egg.

While I was out playing with the chickens, Birdie, feeling left out and alone in the house, attempted to guess my password so she could have a YouTube chicken video marathon of her own.

20130507. Birdie doesn't know my password, but she's dying to watch cat videos on the internet.

(She didn’t guess it).

6 thoughts on “Little Red, Big World…

  1. The chickens are more reliable than Zoe! I 100% support your epic quest. Watching chickens run increases my happiness quotient too!

    • Positive reinforcement works VERY well on chickens, apparently! Either that or they just love me.

      Little Red has the most adorable linebacker gait. I love it.

  2. Haha, makes me laugh every time too! I seem to have trained mine to come running any time I open the back door. Apparently I throw out too many eggshells during the course of the day!!

    • I love that they come running better than my pup does when they hear the magic call! Proof that positive reinforcement really does work. 🙂

  3. Oh, joy. That video made me laugh out loud. For reals.

    And I love mutant eggs. How would you ever know things like that exist in the world if you only ate grocery store eggs?! Everybody should get to experience mutant eggs in their life.

    • Laughing out loud – I love it!!! Way to go, chickens! They’re quite the peaches.

      I love mutant eggs, too. I brought that one up to my parents’ place on purpose over our weekend visit, just because I wanted the nephews (and the rest of the fam) to see backyard eggs in all their glory – different colors, different sizes, and sometimes VERY different shapes.

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