Merry Birthday Eve to All, and to All a Good Night!

Hey, y’all, it’s my birthday eve! My MO for birthdays is to get the heck out of town. Most of the drive for that is because I *hate* my birthday. I hate the planning, the party, the fear that NO ONE WILL SHOW, etc. Even if by “party,” I mean, “meeting people for drinks.” I’d just rather avoid the entire situation and all the uncomfortable, unwanted attention by hopping on a plane to Barcelona or jumping in a car bound for the whiskey distilleries of Kentucky.

So like I said: I normally loathe my birthday, but this year I’m weirdly excited about it. My co-worker asked me if I had anything fun planned, and when I listed out my plan (which I am very excited about and think sounds like the MOST fun), I realized how super-lame it might sound to others.

The Most Epic Birthday Plan of All Plans:

  • Morning bike ride with Chris down a new-to-us trail
  • Build a garden bed and plant my peppers, squash, and last tomato plants
  • Hopefully drink a delicious bevvie in the sunshine somewhere
  • Prezzies? Maybe I’ll get prezzies!
  • And maybe go see the new Star Trek movie. Or not! You know why? Because it’s MY BIRTHDAY, and I DO WHAT I WANT!

Whatever. This weekend, I march to the beat of my own lame birthday drum.

I got my early birthday present from Chris a few days ago (because, really, you can’t take my bike away from me for very long): bike upgrades out the yin-yang, as well as a much-needed tune-up. It feels like I’m riding a new bike, and I love it.

20130514. Early birthday present: major bike upgrades!

“Hey, girl, get out of the way so I can take a closer look at that SEXY BIKE, will ya?”

In other news, the garden continues to grow. We have a bit of a lettuce problem

20130517. We have a lettuce problem.

And a slug problem

20130517. Bitch-ass slug, eating on my artichokes.And sweet potatoes that need to get in the ground… Remember that time I worried that they wouldn’t sprout? Yeah…

201305117. Remember that time I worried the sweet potatoes wouldn't grow?

And front landscaping that I hope will turn into an edible wonderland of chard, beets, kale, and cabbage.

20130517. Front landscaping = future food.

Merry Birthday Eve to me! 33 was mostly pretty darn charmed, all things considered. 34 will be another good year, I think.

20130517. Birthday eve!

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