And I Thought My Bike Upgrades Were an Awesome Early Birthday Present!

Hey, guess what, everybody? No, really, guess! You’ll never guess…

Are you ready for this? Brace yourselves… as of last night at roughly 6:03 pm (not that I was really thinking about the time or anything), CHRIS AND I ARE ENGAGED!!!

Here’s the abridged story: yesterday, Chris got home from work, and I was drinking a beer in honor of my birthday eve. Normal night, right? He went outside, and I saw he was checking out his hop trellis. I also realized I forgot to get the chicken eggs.

I charged out the back door in my wellies, and he called out, “There’s a really strange egg in there.” I was thinking he meant there was some horribly misshapen, nasty thing in the nesting box, and he left it there for me to check it out. Instead, I saw this:

20130517. A very strange egg...

It didn’t hit me what was going on. So I opened it:

20130517. What could it be?

20130517. A ring!

And there was a ring! I think the conversation that ensued went something like this: “This is a ring.” “Yes.” “Are you asking me to marry you?” “Yes.” And then we hugged and kissed a lot, and I forgot to say yes for a while, and I was all smiley and kind of shaky. And then I was like, “You didn’t really ask me!” And he asked, and THEN I remembered to say yes.

20130517. Surprise! We're engaged!

So, hey, we’re totally engaged! Then we called our respective parents, ordered a fancy pizza, drank fancy beer, and generally had an awesome night.

20130517. Engaged!

We’re going to go get it resized this morning, because I want to wear it now! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

20130517. Engaged!


14 thoughts on “And I Thought My Bike Upgrades Were an Awesome Early Birthday Present!

    • You know, May 1 it was like I KNEW things were going to get more awesome. This was totally above and beyond what I hoped for for general May awesomeness!

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