The Local Garden Shop Has a Cat Named Basil…

And my garden also finally has a plant (or three) named basil! Yes, folks, it took me until almost the end of May, but I finally got around to acquiring our herbs for the summer. It’s totally ridiculous and a little embarrassing how long it has taken me to get herbs this year, given how much I love them.

Seriously, the inner workings of this household are greased with pesto, infused vodka, fresh herb simple syrups, and dried herbs to last me the whole winter. Or at least the kitchen parts are, I suppose.

20110618. infused vodkas with herbs from the garden.

To be fair, I was busy shoveling compost and dirt piles into our newest raised bed that Chris built over the weekend and planting 25 pepper plants and 8 squash plants this weekend. It has been a struggle finding space for any other plants. But anyway…

Just to keep track, this year we have the following herbs in the ground now:

  • Sweet basil
  • Purple basil
  • Grapefruit mint
  • Pineapple sage
  • Curry
  • Bee balm
  • Chives
  • Greek oregano
  • German thyme
  • Lemon balm

4 thoughts on “The Local Garden Shop Has a Cat Named Basil…

    • The infused vodka recipe is incredibly simple! Basically, you wash your herbs, stuff a mason jar with them, pour a bunch of vodka in, and let it sit for a week or so somewhere dark and cool (our basement is perfect). I think I began sampling it after three or four days to test the strength of the herb flavor. I couldn’t find the recipe, but I think this one is pretty darn close:

      Bee balm is a great pollinator attractor, makes awesome simple syrup and tea, and can even be used in homebrewing! Mostly, though, it’s really pretty. 🙂

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